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Second Shooting - About Me


Hi, My name is Brian Carter.

I'm a Freelance Photographer who is currently based out of North Jersey, but serves most of the East Coast. Seriously, I worked in 8 states last year, a lot of times in the same weekend.


I picked up a camera for the first time in 2016, started taking weddings a little more seriously around 2018 and have been self-employed since 2021, which makes my heart so happy to say.


I've shot probably around 55 weddings total, with the majority of those being the past 2 seasons. Life is hectic (I'm sure you relate), but I'll be doing my best to occasionally update this site with galleries from those. 


Typically, I look to make $60+ / hour for second shooting work. The galleries are full compressed, unedited jpgs for transparency of the work you can expect from me. Make sure you like it & let's go from there!

Do I shoot OCF? The answer is well, kind of. I put a rectangular softbox on my main on camera flash (godox v3) which usually lights in a way I like either direct or bounce. I do have a second flash (godox v2) if the situation calls for it. So it is absolutely an option in a simple, straight-forward kind of way to add in those extra touches of light especially when I'm far away. 


Check out some full unedited galleries!

All galleries are compressed, jpgs exported from their initial RAW files.

Make sure you like what you see.

This will be the kind of work I am transparently looking to provide you with.

Is this an SOS?


Call me at 973-647-7143

Email me:

Gear List

Cameras - Nikon D850, Nikon D500

Lenses - Nikkor 20mm 1.8, Nikkor 24-70 2.8 ED VR (my favorite),

                Nikkor 16-80 2.8-4, Tamron 70-200 2.8 G2, Nikkor 70-300 4.5-6.3

Flashes - Godox 860 VIII Godox V860 VII, Yongnuo w/ Godox adapter

                  (...also currently looking for an AD200 or second VIII if any of you are parting w/ one)

Vendors I have worked under (vendor name) <3

Taylor Lynne Olsen (Taylor) -3 times

The Life of Riley (Chris) - 2 times

La Boutiue Photography (Lyndsie & Sage)

Dalia Photography (Dalia)

Maren Kathleen Photography (Maren) - 2 times

Beatriz Veray (Beatriz)

Brian Marsh (Brian)

Maple Leaf Photography (Julie)

Natalie Colapietro (Natalie)

Brittany Harmening ( Brittany) - 3 times

BVD Image (Brandon)

Working for a wide variety of lovely and talented professionals is a privelege I am grateful for every day. So thanks for being a part of this list or considering me in the first place. 🥰

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