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Rob & Victoria - 3.24.23
Rob is an old friend of mine. Back in the day, he used to drive me around to shows and ski resorts when I was too young to. We went on to be in a band together for a little bit and good friends after that too. A few years ago, Rob decided to move to Texas and I hadn't heard from him in a long time. I certainly wondered from time to time. Flash forward to 2022 and he reaches out to me to shoot his Texas. Boy did we have so much catching up to do. There's a special kind of pressure when you're working for an old close friend. I mentally prepared myself on my flight over and am super happy with how the day came out, for so many reasons. He married a real nice lady, we got to chat about the last few years, the day and venue were was an emotional one for me. So here's that day.

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