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Hi, I'm Brian! I also go by Bran or Branbley <3 

I'm a Freelance Photographer who is currently based out of North Jersey, but serves most of the East Coast. Seriously, I worked in 8 states last year, a lot of times in the same weekend.

You've probably noticed I'm a pretty quirky dude. I like bright colors & being a little weird in my approach to photography. I get along best with people who are a bit goofy & don't take themselves too seriously, which also make for the best photos!


I picked up a camera for the first time in 2016, started taking weddings a little more seriously around 2018 and have been self-employed since 2021, which makes my heart so happy to say.


I've shot probably around 55 weddings total, with the majority of those being the past 2 seasons. Life is hectic (I'm sure you relate). 

I'm perfectly willing to travel for you, especially if it's for a pretty place. More about that on my contact page.

When I'm not working weddings or editing photos, which seems to be most days now...I'm spending time with my doggo Layla, as much as I can, hiking, ebiking, snowboarding, drumming, gaming or otherwise making random jewelry. Having hobbies & being self-employed don't quite seem to go together lmao. 


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