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Bridget & Geno's Wedding - 11.11.22
I am specifically close with this couple. They started as strangers when Geno reached out to me about planning a surprise proposal during their couple's shoot the year prior. It was a really cute idea and we even had our own code word, it was so sweet. Flash forward a year later, we're talking all the time in our wedding planning group chat just checking in and passing ideas around. When rain entered their forecast, these two bought giant porch umbrellas and let their bridal party escort them around which made for some really fun memories. Their interactions with eachother are so genuine and being with them through so many important moments has been an honor. I covered a second ceremony for them as well two weeks after this one. They're even expecting and I'm so happy for them. It'd make my heart so full if I get to be a fraction as close with my future couples as I got to be with them.

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